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"Born with a Moon in Cancer, choose her a name she will answer to....
be a gypsy Dancer"... Joni Mitchell., "Just a Little Green"



Moving Meditations for Every Day Now Available for Free Download

(ASPEN, COLORADO, THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013) - Integrative Healing Arts Facilitator, Bambi Lowenstein, Founder and President of Goddess Yoga Dance (GYD) believes there is an exhilarating change in the air and her new website and movement will be helping with the momentum. The not-for-profit National Women's Health Resource Center's new third annual Women Talk survey has uncovered a new found sense of self-empowerment in regard to women's health and their priorities. An overwhelming ninety-four percent of women state that "Making time for myself is one of the best ways I can help to take care of me and my family" and seventy-five percent of women went a step further to say that "Taking care of myself is my top priority.”

Goddess Yoga Dance is a visionary yoga using creative visualizations and positive affirmations applied to moving meditations as a dynamic, energizing and engaging style of spiritual practice. GYD is a yoga-dance style and movement in the body, mind and spirit field focused on women's health and spirituality to benefit women and their families. GYD is an evolution of body-based practices and synergistic sounds (spoken word and music) designed as a moving meditation and daily consciousness practice with the intention for women to feel more centered, uplifted and empowered. Moving Meditations for Every Day are 90-second sound bites; they will be presented monthly and all MP3’s will be free initially. GYD invites all to use these Moving Meditations for Every Day, anytime and anywhere for self-nourishment, stress-reduction, personal refreshment and optimum health promotion.

Goddess Yoga Dance is a culmination of Ms Lowenstein's personal journey and diverse background in the health care field, service industries and creative arts and it illustrates her desire to share her skills with others to create a more balanced, healthy & fulfilling life. Lowenstein reflects, “I am impassioned to share the health and benefits of yoga-dance and how we can all feel more centered being connected to our inner divine feminine side. The first step for GYD is letting people know we are here for them as a resource. We have created Moving Meditations for Every Day for all to receive either through e-mail or text messaging.  There is an open channel in the world today as we relate through social media, mobile communications and online networks. It’s time to reset our conscious minds to a state of centered peace, wholeness and well-being.” Lowenstein invites all to visit and to sign up for your free weekly Moving Meditations for Every Day.

About Bambi Lowenstein: Lowenstein originally from Locust, New Jersey  was raised on a three-mile scenic road in the woods nestled between two rivers and the Atlantic Ocean and was blessed to commune with Nature in her youth along with her two brothers Glenn and Dale. She now resides in the Aspen area of Colorado. A lifelong pursuit of spiritual exploration, connection to nature, competitive athletics, passion for alternative health and love of music have brought her to this place of blended interests and expression. Extensive study at many US spa and health centers and traveling to India including visits to Ayurvedic clinics and spiritual centers along with Buddhist pilgrimages, Lowenstein has integrated her studies and created her own personal brand of alchemy focused on yoga, breathe and movement. Certified from Yogaversity in Ojai, California, Ms Lowenstein taught yoga at Colorado Mountain College in Aspen and at Aspen Valley Hospital and thru the last decade as thru most of her life, has evolved her own personal style, specific techniques and brand of yoga with her love of breath work, nature, movement and music. 

For more information about Goddess Yoga Dance please visit www.GoddessYogaDance.Com