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About GYD

 Health Professional and Creative Artist

 Bambi Lowenstein Introduces the Launch of Goddess Yoga Dance


Ms Lowenstein describes how GODDESS YOGA DANCE came to be, "I combined my love for healing, music, movement, yoga, meditation and nature into a profession as a creative healing artist. Blending health service, body-based modalities and personal creative expression I teach practices that originate from my experiences with Hatha Yoga, Transcendental Meditation (TM ) Siddha Yoga , Buddhist & Vedantic studies. I was inspired by an advanced elective college course called Anthropology of Health with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona that focused on the study of indigenous people, healing traditions, shamanic rituals, ethno-botany & cross-cultural tribal studies.  I am a firm believer that our western culture can benefit by the ancient practices & natural ways of  living of these cultures and from the wisdom of our enlightened elders to better serve all humanity exercising the values of sharing, caring, grace, compassion, benevolence, loving kindness, simplicity, natural living  and thriving community." OM~

About Bambi: Lowenstein originally from Locust, New Jersey  was raised on a three-mile scenic road in the woods nestled between two rivers and the Atlantic Ocean and was blessed to commune with Nature in youth along with her two brothers Glenn and Dale. Mentored by her father, Dr. Alan Lowenstein, a progressive-minded health & fitness guru, she came to learn about alternative healthy lifestyle applications. Nourished by the natural environment of New Jersey and residing in the beauty of Aspen, CO for 20 years   she has merged her life-long passions with a health professional skill set that evolved into her current businesses, Aspen & Atlantic Health Concierge. A career in health & a passion for healing, along with her connection to nature, love of music, competitive athletics & a lifelong pursuit of spiritual exploration has evolved into this creative integrative healing practice. Diversified study at US spa and health centers, travels to India, Ayurvedic clinics and spiritual centers along with Buddhist pilgrimages, Lowenstein has integrated her studies & created her own personal style of practice focused on yoga, breathe and movement. Certified from Yogaversity in Ojai, California, Ms Lowenstein taught yoga at Colorado Mountain College in Aspen and at Aspen Valley Hospital and through the last decade has continued to weave her personal tapestry of teachings & evolve her life artistry into her present moving meditations practice known as Goddess Yoga Dance, GYD.